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Policy Name: Intellectual Property (Continued)
Policy No: 4.02
Date Passed: 12/02/1987; Amended 02/15/2006
Last Reviewed: March 2009
Review Next: March 2011

The Texas Woman's University
Policy on Intellectual Property

Part 6 - Administration

6.1 Office of Research and Grants Administration

The Office of Research and Grants Administration is responsible for the negotiation, execution, and administration of all TWU agreements with external sponsors of research grants and contracts and for ensuring that the rights of the sponsors in technology developed under external grants and contracts are protected. The ADR is available to assist all principal investigators and sponsored program administrators in the negotiation of intellectual property terms of grants and contracts.

6.2 Intellectual Property Committee

To assist in the administration of TWU technology, an Intellectual Property Committee (IPC) shall be appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs for TWU. The Associate Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School shall serve as chairman of the committee. In addition to the chairman, the other voting members of the IPC will be two administrators and one staff member appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, and three faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate. Except for the chairman, members of the IPC normally shall be appointed for terms of two years.

The IPC has the responsibility for reviewing all disclosures pertaining to TWU intellectual property and recommending the selection for which protection and/or commercial development will be sought. In addition, the IPC will review all licensing agreements negotiated by the ADR and will hear all disputes pertaining to the ownership of TWU technology and its commercial development. All recommendations of the lPC are subject to the approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The IPC shall operate in accordance with the principle that research priorities will have precedence over technology development priorities. Thus, no grant or contract terms are to be accepted which inhibit the utilization by the public of the results of research at TWU.

6.3 Vice President for Academic Affairs

The Vice President for Academic Affairs is the final arbiter of any disputed issues or questions of interpretation relating to this policy. In unusual circumstances, the Vice President for Academic Affairs may also authorize exceptions to the normal procedures.

Appendix A

Intellectual Property Disclosure Form

Texas Woman's University

Descriptive Title of Intellectual Property:

Name of Inventor(s)







  1. Description of Intellectual Property (Use additional sheets to elaborate or attach descriptive materials.)
    1. Briefly summarize the purpose and use of the intellectual property.
    2. Why do you think that this discovery is patentable? (Address the issues of novelty and non-obviousness.)
    3. List the potential claims. (Define the scope of your invention--its limitations and boundaries.)
    4. Describe a specific embodiment of the invention. (Include sketch, drawings, circuit diagrams, photographs, chemical formulas.)
    5. Please provide, if possible, an estimate of the commercial value of the invention.
    6. List any known commercial interest that might be willing to license the product or support further research.
  2. Prior Disclosures

    It is extremely important for the Committee to be aware of and have complete knowledge of your publication record relating to this invention. The Intellectual Property Committee will keep in confidence any information disclosed in this document.

    1. Has the invention been disclosed or will it be disclosed in any scientific forum (publications, abstracts, or oral presentations)?

      _____YES _____NO

      If yes, give where disclosed and the date. Copies of all prior publications, abstracts, or presentations related to this invention should be attached.

    2. Has the invention been disclosed in any other public forum, such as news releases, feature articles, and items in internal publications? If yes, please describe circumstances and attach copies of relevant examples.
  3. Documentation of Discovery
    1. Date invention conceived ____________________
    2. Date invention disclosed ____________________
    3. To whom disclosed ____________________
    4. Date first drawing or sketch was made ____________________
    5. Date invention was reduced to practice ____________________
      (Date first product or model was made)
    6. Has the invention been tested?

      _____YES _____NO

      If yes, state the date and describe the results.

    7. Has the invention been used?

      _____YES _____NO

      If yes, state the date and details of its use.

  4. Support for Invention
    1. Was the development of the invention supported in any way by funds from an outside source (Federal Government, Foundations, Company or Private Gift)?

      _____YES _____NO

      If yes, Name of Agency, Company, etc. If development of project was aided by more than one source of outside funding, please provide the information for each source.

      Name of Agency, Company, etc. _________________________________________

      Title of Project_______________________________________________________

      Project number (if any) ____________________

      TWU Account Number ____________________

    2. Did you make substantial use of any of the following?

      University facilities-laboratories, etc. _____YES _____NO

      University equipment _____YES _____NO

      University supplies _____YES _____NO


      1)___________________________________________ ___________________________________

      2)___________________________________________ ___________________________________


The undersigned certify that all prior publications, abstracts, or public presentations on any topic relevant to the enclosed invention disclosure have been revealed in this document. All inventors must sign this document.


  1. Signature _____________________________________________________________
    Typed Name ________________________________________ Date _______________
  2. Signature _____________________________________________________________
    Typed Name ________________________________________ Date _______________
  3. Signature _____________________________________________________________
    Typed Name ________________________________________ Date _______________


_________________________________________________ Date __________________
Department Chair

_________________________________________________ Date __________________

Appendix B

Report of Possible Copyrightable Materials
Developed through Substantial Use of
University Resources

  1. Title:____________________________________________________________________
  2. Concise Description:________________________________________________________


  3. Nature of Any University or Contract Support:
    1. External Funding______________________________________________________
    2. Department Support___________________________________________________
    3. Contract____________________________________________________________
    4. Other______________________________________________________________

    Sponsor, if any:____________________________________________________________

    Has sponsoring agency been notified? Yes _____ No _____

    1. Approximate date of writing or completion of computer program: _________________
    2. Names and affiliations of collaborators, if any: ________________________________
    3. Has this been published?________________________________________________
      If so, where and when? ________________________________________________
      Address__________________________ Address__________________________

      Signature_________________________ Signature_________________________

      Date_____________________________ Date____________________________

      (Additional sheets may be used when necessary to supply information in any of the categories above.)

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