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Policy Name: Intellectual Property (Continued)
Policy No: 4.02
Date Passed: 12/02/1987; Amended 02/15/2006
Last Reviewed: March 2009
Review Next: March 2011

The Texas Woman's University
Policy on Intellectual Property

Part 5 - Faculty, Student, Staff, and Visitor Obligation

It is the general policy of TWU that individuals, by participating in sponsored research project, accept the principles of ownership of technology as stated under this policy. In furthering such undertaking, all participants will sign Invention and Copyright Agreements in accordance with the following policy.

5.1 Personnel Invention and Copyright Agreements

5.5. Who Must Sign

Individuals at TWU who:

  1. Receive support from externally or internally sponsored projects; or,
  2. Otherwise may be in a position to make, conceive, or reduce to practice inventions or otherwise develop technology under externally or internally-sponsored projects (whether or not salary or other support is received from such projects) must sign the TWU Invention and Copyright Agreement. Note that this requirement specifically extends not only to TWU personnel but also to visiting scientists and fellows or others who may participate in sponsored projects at TWU.

5.1.2 Administration

Each TWU laboratory and department is responsible for ensuring that Invention and Copyright Agreements are signed by all faculty, students, staff, and visitors who may be, or are involved with, sponsored projects administered by that laboratory or department. The ADR will monitor laboratory and department compliance with this requirement. All Invention and Copyright Agreements should be signed in triplicate with one copy retained by the signatory, one copy retained in the laboratory or department files, and one copy sent to the Office of Research and Grants Administration.

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