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Guideline Name: Limitation on Doctoral Hours
Guideline No: 1.03
Date Passed: 08/27/1998
Last Reviewed: August 2012
Review Next: August 2014

Limitation on Doctoral Hours

At the August 22, 1997 meeting of the Board of Regents of the Texas Woman's University, a motion was approved that, beginning with the Fall semester 1999, tuition for resident doctoral students who have more semester credit hours of doctoral work than allowed for purposes of state funding as stated in Subsection (1), Section 61.059 of the Education Code, shall pay tuition at the rate charged non-resident doctoral students for semester credit hours in excess of 100, except that the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board may approve formulae funding for semester credit hours in excess of 100, not to exceed 130 total semester credit hours, for a doctoral program under conditions stated in Subdivision (2) Subsection (1), Section 61.059, Education Code, in which even in-state tuition will be charged for any doctoral credit hours in excess of 100 for which the Coordinating Board has approved funding for TWU.

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