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Policy Name: Distance Education Fee Policy
Policy No: 4.06
Date Passed: 02/23/2007
Last Reviewed: July 2013
Review Next: July 2015

The Texas Woman's University
Distance Education Fee Policy

At the June 6, 2008 meeting of the Board of Regents of the Texas Woman's University, the Board approved a Distance Education Fee Policy, to be included in the University Policy Manual.

Policy Statement

Texas Woman's University may charge a variable distance education fee of up to $300 per course to support and further develop the University's distance education programs.  Revenue from the distance education fee may be used for expenses such as:

  • Fees to host institutions for use of facilities, computer resources, and library resources;
  • Copyright and royalty payments for non-textbook materials;
  • On-line databases;
  • Software licensing;
  • internet and video network access;
  • Acquisition and upgrade of instructional technologies
  • Technology support;
  • Service and maintenance contracts for instructional equipment and software;
  • Program development;
  • Support staff, such as instructional designers, to assist with the development of distance education courses;
  • Materials used in teaching distance education students;
  • On-site academic support for monitoring examinations and coordinating class discussions;
  • Faculty and staff training, including travel costs;
  • Expenses for guest lecturers who address a distance education course;
  • Salaries/wages for personnel hired to assist with the preparation and/or delivery of a distance education course or to assist students in the instructional process;
  • Travel expenses for faculty and staff for the supervision of students, field trips, or instruction of students at a location other than the faculty member's assigned location;
  • Operational and staffing costs of the Office of Lifelong Learning--Distance Education, including training and travel associated with supporting distance education.

There may be additional costs not identified above for which the fee may be used. Such costs must be in support of the distance education initiatives of the University or of a specific distance education course.

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