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Policy Name: Board of Regents Bylaws
Policy No: 1
Date Passed: 11/14/2014
Last Reviewed: 11/14/2014
Review Next: November 2017

Article IX

Official Communications

All official communications addressed to the Board of Regents or any member thereof shall be routed through the Office of the Chancellor and President.

It is the responsibility of the Chancellor and President of the University to provide adequate information to the members of the Board to enable them to be knowledgeable regarding the operations, management, finances, and effectiveness of the academic, research, and public services programs of the University.

Members of the Board should request all information necessary to carry out their duties and responsibilities from the Chancellor and President of the University.

The regular channel of communication from members of the Board to the faculty, staff, and administration is through the Chancellor and President or the appropriate Vice President and a copy of any communication sent by a member of the Board directly to any member of the faculty, staff, or administration should be furnished to the Chancellor and President or the appropriate Vice President involved.

Members of the Board are entitled to direct participation and communication with the faculty, staff, and students of the University in support of programs and Board goals, but will refrain from personal involvement in matters not within the scope of the Board's authority. 

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