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Bylaw Name: Board of Regents Bylaws
Bylaw No: 1
Date Passed: 11/14/2014
Last Reviewed: 11/14/2014
Review Next: November 2017

Article I

Governance of the University

Section 1. Authority

The Legislature, in broad terms, has delegated the power and authority to administer Texas Woman's University to the Board of Regents. (V.T.C.A., Education Code, § 107.41 et seq.)

Section 2. Composition

The Board of Regents ("Board") is composed of nine voting members, at least four of whom shall be women, appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate for staggered terms of six years each, the terms of three members expiring on February 1 of odd-numbered years. 

The Governor appoints a tenth non-voting student regent, who is not counted in matters relating to a quorum and whose service is governed by V.T.C.A., Education Code, Section 51.356.

Section 3. Policies, Rules and Regulations

The Board may adopt such policies, rules and regulations for the management of the affairs of Texas Woman's University as the conduct of the business may require, but such policies, rules and regulations shall not be inconsistent with the Bylaws or the laws of the State of Texas. (V.T.C.A., Education Code, 167; 107.41 et seq.)

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