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Minutes of the Meeting of February 18, 2011

The February 18, 2011 meeting of the Texas Woman’s University Board of Regents was called to order at the appointed time and place by Mr. Harry Crumpacker, Board Chair and Presiding Officer.  Present were Mr. Crumpacker, Ms. Sarah Adams, Mrs. Sue Bancroft, Ms. Lola Chriss, Mr. Mike McCullough, Dr. Ann Scanlon McGinity, Dr. Cecilia Moreno, Mr. George Schrader, and Mrs. Mary Wilson, constituting a quorum.

There was no executive session.

Next, Mr. Crumpacker, on behalf of the Board, expressed a deep sense of appreciation for the service of Dr. Keith McFarland as Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.  He said that Dr. McFarland’s willingness to extend his period of service was truly appreciated and that he did a wonderfully outstanding job for the University.  Mr. Crumpacker asked that a copy of the minutes be sent to Dr. McFarland.

Prior to the election of the Officers of the Board, Mr. Crumpacker stated that he wanted to take the opportunity to say that it has been a privilege and honor to serve on this Board, as a member, Vice Chair, and Chair.  He added that his association with Board members, past and present, and Chancellor Ann Stuart has been rewarding and that the administration, faculty, staff, and students of TWU are an outstanding group of people.  Mr. Crumpacker noted that the naming of the new Science Complex on the Denton Campus is a reflection of the Chancellor’s outstanding contributions at the University, in the community, and to the Legislature.  He stated that the Regents unanimously and fully supported the naming of the building.  Mr. Crumpacker then presented Dr. Stuart with a plaque containing the brochure of the “Dedication of the Texas Woman's University Ann Stuart Science Complex,” which was personally signed by each of the Regents.  He told Dr. Stuart that the Board is very proud of her work.  Dr. Stuart said that she was touched, honored, and sincerely moved by this gesture.  She mentioned that her husband, Mr. Ray Poliakoff, would have been very proud of the decade of work for TWU.  Dr. Stuart informed the Regents that Dr. Robert Neely, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, will reschedule the Science Academic Days and the Dedication Ceremony.  Dr. Stuart then recognized Mr. McCullough for a presentation to the outgoing Chair.  Mr. McCullough then thanked Mr. Crumpacker for his extraordinary service on the Board and presented him with a Resolution, signed by Governor Rick Perry, for his contributions as a TWU Regent and as   Vice Chair and Chair.  He added that Mr. Crumpacker’s perseverance, friendship, and guidance were a beacon to all.  Mr. Crumpacker accepted the framed Resolution and said that he appreciated the opportunity to serve and that serving on this Board has been the highlight of his career.  Mr. McCullough then read the Resolution and all the Regents applauded.

The next item of business was the election of Officers of the Board.  Mr. Crumpacker nominated Mr. John Lawhon, General Counsel, as Secretary to the Board; Mr. Schrader nominated Mr. Mike McCullough as Board Chair and Presiding Officer; and Mr. McCullough nominated Mrs. Sue Bancroft as Board Vice Chair and Assistant Presiding Officer.  After seconds, there being no further nominations, the nominees were unanimously elected by acclamation.  Mr. Crumpacker handed the gavel to Mr. McCullough, who commented that it was an honor to serve this University and distinguished Board.  He thanked Dr. Stuart, the administration, faculty, staff, students, and the outstanding former Chair, Mr. Crumpacker, for all of their efforts and stated that the success of TWU is because of the dedicated passion of all associated with the University.

The Board considered approval of the minutes of the Board meeting of November 5, and the Board Teleconference of December 6, 2010.  Upon motion by Mrs. Wilson and second by    Mrs. Bancroft, these minutes were unanimously approved.

Mr. McCullough noted that no registrations of public testimony items were received for this Board meeting.

Mr. McCullough called for consideration of the Finance and Audit Committee items.  Mr. Crumpacker made a motion for approval of the Personnel Report (Exhibit 2126), which motion was second by Mrs. Bancroft, and unanimously approved.  Next, Mrs. Bancroft moved for Acceptance of Grants (Exhibit 2127), which motion was second by Mr. Crumpacker, and all voted in favor.  Contracts and Agreements (Exhibit 2128) were approved after motion by Mrs. Bancroft and second by Mr. Crumpacker.  All voted in favor.  After motion by Mrs. Bancroft and second by Mrs. Wilson, the Board voted unanimously for approval for the Vice President for Finance and Administration to enter into a contract with Yates Construction to demolish the Parkland Education Building and to construct a 600-space parking garage on that site for an amount not to exceed $7,943,000, the funds to come from Designated Tuition Fund Balance ($7,670,000) and the Dallas Building Fund Project ($273,000) (Exhibit 2129).  A motion was made by Dr. Moreno for approval for the Vice President for Finance and Administration to enter into a contract with 2L Construction, LLC to construct a 175-space surface parking lot on the Denton Campus in an amount not to exceed $657,807, the funds to come from Auto Registration – Auxiliary Fund Balance (Exhibit 2130), which was seconded by Mr. Crumpacker, and all voted in favor.  Mrs. Wilson made a motion for approval, effective June 1, 2011, that the Campuses of Texas Woman’s University located in Denton, Dallas, and Houston shall be designated “Smoke-Free” except in designated outdoor smoking areas on the Denton and Dallas Campuses, and that the Chancellor and President is authorized to develop specific policies and designated smoking areas to implement the “University Smoking Policy” (Exhibit 2131).  The motion was seconded by Mr. Crumpacker and unanimously approved.

Mr. McCullough then called for consideration of the Institutional Development Committee items.  Ms. Chriss made a motion, seconded by Mr. Schrader, for acceptance of the gifts to TWU (Exhibit 2132).  All voted in favor.

Next, Mr. McCullough called for Academic Affairs Committee items.  After motion by Dr. Moreno and second by Dr. Scanlon McGinity, the Board voted unanimously for approval of the revised University Mission Statement (2133).  A motion was made by Mrs. Wilson for approval for the distance delivery of the Doctor of Philosophy in Occupational Therapy degree (Exhibit 2134), which was seconded by Mrs. Bancroft, and all voted in favor.

Mr. McCullough called for consideration of Student Life Committee items.  Mr. Schrader made a motion for approval of an increase in Board Rates as set out in the corresponding           Exhibit 2135, effective Fall 2011, which motion was seconded by Mrs. Bancroft and unanimously approved.

Mr. McCullough called upon outgoing Student Regent Sarah Adams to give a report regarding her role as student regent since this is her last Board meeting.  Ms. Adams made the following comments:

“I want to begin by saying how very grateful I am for the opportunity to serve as the TWU Student Regent this past year.  This experience has taught me invaluable lessons that I will carry with me throughout my professional career.  I want to thank Dr. Stuart and her staff, each Regent, Dr. Nicholas, and all the administrators for being so welcoming, kind, and helpful as you all took the time to guide me through all the decisions and issues that were faced throughout the past year.  As this is my last meeting and opportunity to present to you as the Student Regent, I wanted to leave you with some final words.  I have tried my best to listen to the voices of the students, and I believe that this brief list will address most directly their views of this past year and the future of TWU. 

Over the past decade, this university has grown exponentially which is exciting not only for the administration but for the students as well.  This past year, the students have been excited to see the opening of not one, but two new buildings that will offer to each of them a new facility with state-of-the-art technology in classrooms and labs that will serve to further the already high quality of education here at TWU.  Added to that excitement is anticipation of the opening of the third facility, the new fitness and recreation center which will greatly benefit the students.  With the advantages of a growing university must also come the additional struggles, and for students the joy of increasing enrollment also creates some concerns.  The issues of parking availability, affordable housing at or around the campus, increasing class sizes, timely access to offices such as financial aid and student records, and access to faculty members are all of the current concerns of the student body.  Texas Woman’s University has long been known for their excellent quality of education through their small class sizes, caring faculty members, supportive advising, and helpful student services.  As current students and future alumni of this wonderful university it is our hope that all these coveted characteristics of TWU remain the same for future students since they are what make this university so unique and beloved by all who choose to earn degrees here and those who choose to teach and work here.  We are confident that these views of the students of TWU will remain in your mind as future decisions are made.

I want to end by thanking everyone in this room for your dedication and commitment to the students of this university and for the wonderful experience that you have given me this past year.”

Mr. Schrader stated that Ms. Adams’ report had been received and accepted and, on behalf of the Board, thanked Ms. Adams for her service as a member of the Board, commenting that they had an admiration for her participation in Board discussions and enjoyed hearing her perspective as a student.

In the report from the Chancellor and President, Dr. Stuart thanked the Regents for the Dedication plaque.  She stated that the grand opening of the TWU T. Boone Pickens Institute Health Sciences – Dallas Campus was a marvelous moment for TWU and expressed appreciation to everyone for a wonderful meeting.  Dr. Stuart commended Mr. Crumpacker for his visionary approach that allowed the Board to become more distinguished and encouraged everyone to change the aspirations of TWU.  She added that Mr. Crumpacker challenged us publicly and privately for the good of the University and acknowledged that the University is better because of his vision. Dr. Stuart then presented Mr. Crumpacker and Ms. Adams with a gift for each in appreciation for their service as members of the Board of Regents.  In conclusion, she said that she looks forward to the Spring Board meeting and told the Regents that more information regarding the budget would be available then.

As he brought the meeting to a close, Mr. McCullough thanked everyone for attending today’s meeting.  He said that the kind words in the Resolution presented to Mr. Crumpacker will be entered into the minutes as set out in the corresponding Exhibit 2136.

There being no other business, the meeting concluded.

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