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iRecruitment HR Applicant Tracking System

Texas Woman’s University will soon be utilizing iRecruitment HR Applicant Tracking System.  This is a web based applicant tracking system that will automate the entire recruiting and hiring process.

Applicants will complete all forms online and will have access to check the status of their application at any time.  Applicants will also be able to upload files to share with the hiring manager.

Hiring managers will be able to submit all hiring documents online for the complete hiring process.  Hiring managers have computerized access to all applicants as well as the ability to track the process.

Recruitment staff will be able to process the hiring requests in a more timely fashion for advertising the position as well as processing the chosen candidate in the final hiring process.

This applicant tracking system utilizes an e-mail notification for items to review and approve through a workflow process so time is not wasted tracking paper.

This system will streamline processes which means lower costs and less time spent organizing and forwarding applications throughout the university. 

 Typical Hiring Diagram

page last updated 8/16/2016 11:20 AM