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A message from Texas Governor Greg Abbott:

January 31, 2017

Immediate Hiring Freeze

Per Governor Abbott’s directive, agencies under the direction of the Governor should institute an immediate hiring freeze through the end of the fiscal year. No agency should post a new position or fill a vacated position. Exempted from this directive are positions not funded through funds appropriated by the legislature, as well as positions that have a direct impact on public safety. Savings realized from this action should not be used for other purposes.

Waivers from this directive may be obtained on a case by case basis by contacting the policy advisor assigned to your agency in the Governor’s Office of Budget and Policy.

This directive only affects agencies under the direction of the Governor as well as institutions of higher education. This directive does not affect agencies under the direction of other state wide elected officials.

By being good stewards of public resources, Governor Abbott knows all agencies will be able to implement this action while continuing to provide excellent customer service to the taxpayers of this state.


Welcome to the Texas Woman’s University Recruitment webpage and thank you for visiting our site.  We consider it a great compliment that you are interested in a career opportunity with TWU.  With continuing growth and development on all three of our campuses, employment opportunities for Faculty and Staff positions are available in Denton (Main Campus), Dallas, and Houston.

Our Recruitment team supports the university’s recruiting efforts with processes, tools and  policies designed to effectively promote career opportunities and ensure an efficient application process for each person who responds.

TWU utilizes two distinct and separate recruiting processes to meet our recruitment and hiring needs.  Faculty recruiting is done through a Faculty Search Committee whereas recruiting for Staff positions, which are those operational jobs that support the delivery of core services to Students and Faculty, is done through the specific Departmental Hiring Manager.  In each case, you can be assured that the people with the greatest stake in the success of a new employee will be conducting the recruitment and selection process.  These two processes are described in the links to the right.

Again, we appreciate your interest and wish you the best and every success in your career considerations.

Texas Woman's University strives to provide an educational environment that affirms the rights and dignity of each individual, fosters diversity, and encourages a respect for the differences among persons. Discrimination or harassment of any kind is considered inappropriate.

Texas Woman's University is committed to equal opportunity in employment and education and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national or ethnic origin, age, veteran's status, or against qualified disabled persons. 

Individuals may qualify for a Veteran’s Employment Preference or a Former Foster Youth Employment Preference at Texas Woman’s University over other applicants for the same position who do not have a greater qualification. If you believe you may qualify, click here for more information and instructions on how to claim an employment preference:

"All positions at Texas Woman's University are deemed security sensitive requiring background checks."

The intent of the University's Equal Opportunity Program is to meet the legal and moral responsibility of anti-discrimination legislation and to foster a rich educational climate of inclusiveness.  Our policy applies, but is not limited, to: adver­tising, recruiting, interviewing, selec­tion, promo­tion, training, benefits, rate of pay, transfer, layoff, ter­mi­nation, use of facilities, education, and other benefits.