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The Blended/Online Masterís in Reading offers the best of both worlds. A blended environment means coming to class only three Saturdays per semester while continuing your learning online during the rest of the time. The program is completed in approximately two and a half years (seven semesters). Students participate in a cohort and will be in class with the same students for most of the program. A new cohort begins each Fall semester.

In addition to the required Reading courses, students select two classes for a focus area and also take one children's literature course.† The children's literature course will be 100% online. The two focus area classes may be online or blended if the student selects a program that offers distance education courses.

The following chart outlines the course sequence for the Blended Masterís. Students decide when they take the Childrenís Literature and Focus Area courses. This decision is made in consultation with the advisor.


Reading Courses

Focus/Child Lit

Fall 1

Required Orientation Saturday in August

2 Focus Area Courses

1 Childrenís Literature Course

Self-scheduled conference with advisor

Fall 1

READ 5423 Literacy Practice to Theory

Spring 1

READ 5443 Literacy Assessment and Instruction

Summer 1

READ 5513 Literacy and the Diverse Learner

READ 5503 Phono/Ortho Systems in Literacy Learning

Fall 2

Required Mid-program conference with advisor

Fall 2

READ 5453 Processes & Strategies for Comprehending Texts

Spring 2

READ 5493 Research in Literacy

Summer 2

READ 5463 Practicum in Literacy: Analysis of Teaching and Mentoring

READ 5523 Supervision in the Teaching of Reading

Fall 3

READ 5963 Seminar in Literacy Research and Portfolio Presentations


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