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  • 2014-2015 Call for Applications

    Experiential Student Scholar Cover Page (pdf)

    Experiential Student Scholar Call (pdf)

    Proposal Deadline:  Friday, October 17, 2014

    The Experiential Student Scholar program engages undergraduate and graduate students in experiential project partnerships with faculty. Experiential projects are defined as: Inquiries, investigations, or projects that bridge theory with practice and require engaged learning characterized by active collaboration with a faculty mentor, application of discipline specific theories, real-world problem solving, and simulation of skills external to the classroom.

    The program is centered on the student learning outcomes (SLOs) identified in the University’s Quality Enhancement Plan Pioneering Pathways: Learn by Doing. These include:

    SLO 1: effectively connecting classroom theories to real-world experiences through practical application of knowledge; and

    SLO 2: accurately assessing knowledge and skills related to personal or professional goals including collaboration, application, and problem-solving.


    Summer 2014 Experiential Student Scholars, faculty mentors, and projects:

    Tiffany Edwards, Mentor: Dr. Parker Hevron, History and Government, Exploring Access to Justice: An Experiential Approach 

    Alejandra Quezada, Mentor: Dr. Marilyn Massey-Stokes, Health Studies, Health and Wellness Coaching: An Exploratory Study of Health Coaches’ Perspectives 

    Meghan Berthold & Jessica Feyen, Mentor: Dr. Mary Anderson, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Learn by Doing Undergraduate Research: providing Students the Tools to Discover and Expand their Experiential Learning Opportunities 

    Jessica Hale, Mentor: Jordan Fuchs, Dance, Beyond the Body: Using Video Installation to Extend Solo Dance Performance Practices 

    Michael Duplanty, Mentor: Dr. Nasrin Mirsaleh Kohan, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Integrating Computer-based Experiments into the Physics Laboratory 

    Emily Hamilton, Mentor: Dr. Mark Mann, Kinesiology, Experience with USA Disabled Sport: National Team – Women’s Volleyball 

    Stephanie Hausler, Mentor: Dr. Anne Selcer, Health Care Administration, Community Health Care Promotion and Marketing 

    Stacey Grigar, Mentor: Cynthia Maguire, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Do You Know What Your Electronics are Made of? 

    Dava Hernandez, Mentor: Mary Williford-Shade, Dance, Spreading the Seeds: Son Jarocho Dance and Music for the Community

    Courtney Johnson, Mentor: Dr. Richard Sheardy, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Designing a Better Experiment: Chemistry in the Real World 

    Yvonne, Keyrouz, Mentor: Mary Williford-Shade, Dance, Pale Blue Dot 

    Wehner, Sarah, Mentor: Dr. Sandra Westmoreland, Biology, Organization Assembly of Informal Learning Environment Module Prototypes to be Implemented at the Trinity River Audubon Center 

    Jordan McConnell, Mentor: Dr. Claudette Fette, Occupational Therapy, Strength in Numbers: An Analysis of Identified Strengths in Youth

    Mikeal McKim, Mentor: Dr. Richard Sheardy, Chemistry and Biochemistry, The Development of Experiments and the Establishment of Community Partnerships for Principles of Chemistry Laboratory

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