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The Experiential Faculty Fellows mentorship program encourages faculty to integrate experiential education into the curriculum through development of QEP-designated courses in alignment with the National Society for Experiential Education’s (NSEE) eight principles of good practice for experiential learning. Senior Experiential Faculty Fellows have a strong expertise in developing and implementing experiential education in their courses and will mentor Experiential Faculty Fellows in designing and teaching QEP-designated courses.

The 2014-15 inaugural class of Senior Experiential Faculty Fellows includes:

Karen Dunlap, Teacher Education
Rebecca Fredrickson, Teacher Education
Cynthia Maguire, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Camelia Maier, Biology
Pushkala Raman, School of Management
David Rylander, School of Management
Anne Selcer, Health Care Administration
Richard Sheardy, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Teresa Starrett, Teacher Education
Cecelia Wilson, Nursing – Dallas

The 2014-15 inaugural class of Experiential Faculty Fellows includes:

Claudette Fette, OT – Denton
Parker Hevron, History & Government
Gladys Keeton, Dance
Mark Mann, Kinesiology
Sandra McClintic, Family Sciences
Nasrin Mirsaleh-Kohan, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Carol Perryman, Library Science
Jeffrey Radighieri, School of Management
Lisa Rosen, Psychology & Philosophy

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