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Mission Statement

The Undergraduate Program in Psychology is designed to empower and affirm undergraduate students through broad based training in the foundations of psychology. The program emphasizes the need to try to understand human behavior through critical thinking and scientific endeavors as well as the importance of practice that is informed by science. The program prepares students to pursue and complete graduate educational programs in several fields including psychology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, law and medicine. Therefore, students begin training that will prepare them to deliver health, educational and scientific services. The program is flexible enough to provide students the opportunity to take coursework that directly relates to their long term career goals. The program’s philosophy, curriculum, faculty, and students attempt to create an atmosphere that is supportive, open, and flexible. Leadership skills are encouraged through coursework, involvement in professional organizations and program activities. In addition, the program provides training to undergraduate psychology students in the applied fields of psychology through Early Field and Cooperative Education. This training in turn provides services to many Metroplex social service agencies.


Coursework and degree plans in Psychology were designed in accordance with the APA Guidelines for the Undergraduate Psychology Major. As such, our Undergraduate Program is guided by five overarching learning goals. As an undergraduate in the Psychology Program, you will develop:

  1. a knowledge base in psychology,
  2. scientific inquiry and critical thinking skills,
  3. a sense of ethical and social responsibility in a diverse world,
  4. written and oral communication skills, and
  5. professional development skills such project management and the ability to work in a team.

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