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Program Costs




2012-2013 1st-year Cohort Cost


Tuition for full-time students (in-state)



Tuition for full-time students (out-of-state)



Tuition per credit hour for part-time students (if applicable)



University/institution fees or costs

$2,152.33 (est)


Additional estimated fees or costs to students (e.g. books, travel, etc.)

$1,500.00 (est)

Tuition and Fees

Full-time Student Tuition (2013-14)

            Resident (in-state):                                          $225.20 per semester hour

            Non-Resident (out of state; international):        $579.20 per semester hour

*Out of state tuition is waived and in-state tuition is granted to any student receiving a scholarship of $1,000.00 or greater

* Doctoral students are charged the non-resident tuition for doctoral work in excess of 130 semester credit hours.

Most students enroll full-time (defined as 9 credit hours per semester). Most students carry approximately 11-14 credit hours per academic semester and 6-8 credit hours in the summer. 

For students carrying the typical load per semester (14 fall; 11 spring; 6 summer) the tuition would be $6,981.20 + fees per year (resident) and $17,955.20 + fees (non-resident).

For students carrying the minimum load per semester (9 credits each academic semester and 3 credits in the summer) the tuition would $4,729.20 + fees per year (resident) and $12,163.20 + fees (non-resident).

In addition to tuition, other fees imposed by the University include (2013-14 rates):

  • Computer Use Fee ($16.00 per credit hour; approximately $496.00 per year)
  • Program Fee ($25 per credit hour)
  • Instructional Enhancement Fee ($9.00 per year)
  • Fitness and Recreation Fee ($73.00 per academic semester)
  • Library Fee ($9.00 per credit hour; approximately $279.00 per year)
  • Publication Fee ($2.00 per semester)
  • New Student Orientation Fee ($125.00 per year)
  • Student Union Fee ($35.00 per semester)
  • Student ID Fee ($11.00 per semester)
  • International Education Fee ($3.00 per semester)
  • Student Services Fee ($29.04 per semester; cannot exceed $232.32 per semester)
  • Medical Fees ($43.00 per semester)
  • Liability Insurance ($76.25 per year)

Financial Aid, Loans, Scholarships and Assistantships

Adjustments to tuition may include financial aid, grants, loans, scholarships and assistantships. Information regarding these opportunities can be found at the TWU Financial Aid Office ( In addition to traditional loans, a large majority of students are awarded a Graduate Student Scholarship.  Awards are $2500.00 per year for full-time students. This award is automatically renewable for up to three years for doctoral students as long as the recipient maintains a GPA of 3.2 or higher. Information and application materials for the Graduate Student Scholarship can be found on the Financial Aid Office website at ( The deadline for this application is March 1st. In addition, graduate students are eligible to be considered for the Allsup-Lane Scholarship administered by the Graduate School.  The Allsup-Lane Scholarship is awarded for outstanding scholarship.  The award is $1000.00 per year and is renewable for 3 years.  Information and application materials can be found at

Graduate assistantships (research, teaching, administrative) are available in the Department of Psychology and Philosophy and throughout the University (such as in the Office of Undergraduate Studies, Student Life, or the Office of International Education and International Admissions). General information and application materials can be found on the graduate school webpage Graduate Assistantships in the Department of Psychology and Philosophy typically require teaching or assisting with undergraduate courses. Graduate Assistantships are usually either 10 hours (1 course) or 20 hours (2 courses). A 20-hour assistantship carries a stipend of approximately $11,808 for two semesters. For consideration for a graduate assistantship in the Department of Psychology and Philosophy, applicants should complete an graduate assistantship application and submit it along with a resume/vita to the Chair of the Department, Dr. Daniel C. Miller (  Graduate assistantship positions are competitive (e.g. there are typically more students than assistantship slots) and are not guaranteed with an offer of admission. Graduate assistantship positions are renewable for up to three years pending adequate performance and budgetary requirements.

For other financial assistance opportunities, contact:

Financial Aid Office
PO Box425408
Denton, TX 76204
(940) 898-3050

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