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Student Application and Instructions


The “Student Application for Practice-Based Experience” accompanied by the criminal background requirements must be printed and submitted together in order to complete the application process required for placement in a public school district.   Incomplete applications cannot be processed.   All student applications and accompanying background paperwork must be received in our office by the posted deadline to obtain placement.    

The application process begins with entering information online.  Note, if you are taking more than one course during a semester requiring observation hours, both courses and both professors should be listed in Section I of the Student Application for Practice-Based Experience.  For example, if taking courses EDUC 4113 with Professor Karen Dunlap and EDUC 4243 with Professor Jean Joest, you would enter the course as EDUC 4113/4243 and the professors as Dunlap/Joest.   In Section III, the total number of hours needs to be increased to cover both courses.  EDUC 4113/4243 both require 15 hours each; therefore, the total hours will be entered as 30 hours in Section III.   Save and then print the application.   Be sure to sign in Section IV and obtain your professor’s signature.

There are two ways to print the application.  The easy way to print is to wait a few minutes after you “Save”, you will receive an email from COPE to the email address you supplied on the application.   The subject line of the email will be “Next Steps:  Student App for Practice-Based.”   The email contains a link to click and print.   The email also has a link to the backgrounds and information about turning in your paperwork.   The alternate way to print is once you “Save”, you will be taken to a report page.  Beside your name you will see three dots (…).   Click on the dots and a drop down menu will appear.  Click on View Item and print application.  

The next required step of the application process is to complete a new criminal background authorization form for the first choice school district each semester.  (See listing of available school districts).  List a first and second choice district on the application, but only complete the background requirements for the first choice district.  Each district is unique in what is required to obtain approval for placement.  A direct link to the background requirements is provided during the online application process or available on SharePoint.  (To print from SharePoint go to, College of Professional Education, Practice-Based Experience/Observation, Observation Background Forms.  Click on district, open background, print and complete.)

The final step is to turn in the printed application along with the criminal background requirements (including printouts, copy of driver’s license or TB clearance, if applicable).   You will be turning in your original paperwork (no faxes or photos) to:  Sharon Masten, Professional Development Center, Stoddard Hall, Room 202C.  Due to the high volume of requests for placements during the first three weeks of the semester, appointments will not be necessary; it will be done on first come, first served basis. Completed paperwork may also be mailed to Sharon Masten, College of Professional Education, Texas Woman’s University, P. O. Box 425769, Denton, Texas  76204-5769.   All paperwork must be received by the deadline.  Allow 6-8 weeks from receipt of completed paperwork for a placement to be obtained, recorded and details emailed to both student and professor(s).

 If you have questions concerning placements, please email:  Click on the link below to begin the Student Application for Practice-Based Experience.

 Click HERE for student application (be patient, it may take a few minutes)

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