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Course Application

The “Course Application” requires that Sections I-V be completed by the professor (including professor’s signature in section IV) and accompanied by “Criminal Background Authorization” forms for all persons to attend on-site.  The background authorization form as well as all conditions of the background clearances must be fulfilled in order to complete the application.   Incomplete applications cannot be processed. 

After professor discusses with the campus principal, vice-principal or department director of choice the specifics of placement, the university is required to follow the district placement procedures.  All students and professors scheduled to be on-site are required to complete a new “Criminal Background Authorization” form each semester.  Students taking multiple courses requiring field experience will be required to submit a new authorization form for each class.  

To obtain forms, email the course number, the number of students, and school district choice to Sharon Masten at  If requesting a Denton ISD placement, please specify Denton Regular Hours or Denton After-School Program.  This office works with approximately 48 school districts.  Forms and conditions vary by district and/or district program. 

Example of background clearance conditions include, but are not limited to:  Anyone without social security identification will be required to submit a copy of their TWU picture ID and a letter of good standing from the university. (This office will request the letter after receipt of paperwork.)   Denton ISD requires all those who have immigrated to the United States to provide proof of tuberculosis (TB) test clearance issued from a state of Texas physician. (Students may go to the health clinic of their choice.) 

Submit the list of students who will be on-site along with the Course Practice-Based Experience Application and all Criminal Background Authorization forms to:  Sharon Masten, College of Professional Education, Stoddard Hall, Room 202C.  Before submitting, professors please verify that each student on the list has completed a background form. Verify background forms are signed and contain no blanks - all questions answered (Date of Birth, Ethnicity, Social Security Number, Driver’s License, Address, etc.).   

Allow 2-3 weeks from receipt of completed paperwork for confirmation.  The professor will be contacted by email once this office obtains criminal background clearance and approval of the practicum placement from the school district. 

 If you have questions concerning placements please email:

Form: Course Practice-Based Experience Application
(Please print.  Prefer black ink.  Do not staple.)

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