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Anyone traveling on University business must obtain permission in advance of the trip.  A Request for Travel Authorization (RTA) form must be completed prior to travel.  Complete the form based on allowable rates and vendor quotes.  Obtain supervisor and account holder’s signatures verifying funds available. Blanket RTAs are not acceptable.  Each Travel Voucher must be accompanied by a trip specific RTA.   

For airfare, an Air Travel Authorization form (ATA) must be completed, signed and given to the Air Card administrator in the traveler’s department. The administrator will retain the ATA and purchase airfare using the departmental Air Card. The Air Card may only be used to purchase airfare for employees and prospective employees. For complete guidelines and policies concerning booking air travel and using the Air Card, see the Air Card Policies and Procedures.

Foreign Travel

Official University business travel to any foreign country other than Canada or Mexico requires authorization from the President and Chancellor at least 30-days prior to departure.  Actual expenses are reimbursable.  All receipts (including all meal receipts) must be attached to the Travel Voucher and show conversion rate to US dollars. Conversion rate must reflect the rate effective on the date of the transaction.

Helpful links for foreign travel:

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