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Travel expenses incurred by employees and prospective employees of Texas Woman’s University while traveling for official University business are considered reimbursable. The traveler will pay for all expenses with personal funds during travel. Travel advances are not available. Travel expenses, including any transportation costs, meals, lodging, and incidental expenses, will be reimbursed when the traveler files a travel voucher documenting all reimbursable expenses.

The employee obtains permission to travel using the Request for Travel Authorization form or RTA.  RTAs are not required for prospective employees. Upon approval, travel arrangements are made. When an employee travels on official business, he is expected to comply with applicable laws and policies and ensure that each travel arrangement is the most cost effective. To reduce travel costs for state agencies, the State of Texas has established the State Travel Management Program (STMP). The STMP has negotiated contracts for travel services, such as state contracted lodging rates, rental car rates, and airline rates. Travelers must use these contracted services when available.

Texas Woman's University is not required to reimburse employees at the maximum allowable amount. Departments within the university may specify reimbursement limits that are lower than the maximum allowable under Texas Government Code Section 660.007(b). The department must notify affected individuals in writing about the lower reimbursement rate before implementing it.

Under no circumstances should a traveler package or bundle travel service purchases. Purchasing any combination of travel services (airfare, rental car and hotel accommodations, for example) in one transaction through a travel services website such as Travelocity or Expedia many times results in no reimbursement for the traveler.  These companies do not provide receipts with enough detail to satisfy the State’s auditing requirements.

Upon completion of the trip, the traveler will compile all required receipts and complete a Travel Voucher. This documentation, along with the completed RTA, is then submitted to the Travel Desk in Procurement Services for auditing, processing and payment. The preferred and fastest form of payment is direct deposit. Travelers can enroll in direct deposit for special payments other than payroll through the Procurement's SharePoint Site.

Travel claims (vouchers) must be submitted within 60 days of the last day of travel to receive reimbursement. Any travel submitted beyond 60 days from the last day of travel will not be reimbursed.

Travel to Washington, DC using State appropriated funds:

If the trip to Washington, D.C., involves activities to obtain or spend federal funds or impacts federal policies, the supporting documentation must include proof that, prior to the trip, the Office of State-Federal Relations was informed about the timing and purpose of the trip and was provided the name of an individual who could be contacted for additional information about the trip.

Notify the Office of State-Federal Relations here: 

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