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In order to expedite the processing of Requisitions to Purchase Orders, please remember the following:

1. The Requisition does not get forwarded to Purchasing until after the Account Approver has gone into Oracle and approved the purchase. Check your Notifications and make sure the Requisition has been approved before contacting Purchasing.

2. If you have a new vendor that is not already in the system, you MUST provide the Vendor name, address, phone number and Federal Tax ID# on the first line of the requisition.

3. You must provide the correct object code for the purchase. See the Commonly Used Object Codes before contacting Purchasing or submitting your Requisition.

4. Use category 002.02 on requisitions for hotel stays. Category 003.03 is for travel expenses and airfare for faculty and staff - it does not get converted to PO.

5. Provide complete descriptions in the description field. 

  • For services, the description must have the date of the service. 
  • For goods, list exactly what it is and the size, i.e. (1) case of 60 tablets, or (6) t-shirts (2) med and (4) large, etc., not just a catalog number.
  • For reservations, include the name of the person or persons you are making the reservations for and the date or dates of the reservation.  
  • For conferences, include who is going, where are they going and when are they going.
  • For food, include what the event is for, who the food is for, when the event is taking place and where the event will take place. Also make sure to include the price per item and how many of each item will be purchased.

6. If using more than one account number on a Requisition, make sure the Approver is the same for both accounts.

7. If purchasing computers, computer equipment or computer software, a quote from IT must be forwarded to purchasing or the Requisition will not be converted to a Purchase Order.

8. For Memberships and Dues, a completed and signed form must be in Purchasing before the Requisition will be converted to a Purchase Order.

9. For printing, any outside printing must have Marketing approval and if using a state account (10 account) you must have three bids.

10. If the Requisition is over $5,000 you must get at least 3 bids and put the information on the Requisition. The winning bid information will go into the first line and the other bids should be listed from least to highest bid.  

  • On the distribution screen of the Requisition, move all the way to the right hand side of the screen and in the column titled [ ] click on the box under the heading.  It will open a new screen.
  • Under 1st-Name/TaxID/Amt, enter the vendor’s name/federal tax id#/ and amount of bid. 
  • On the line titled 1st-Contact/Phone, enter the person’s name you talked with and their phone number. 
  • On the line titled 1st-HUB-Desc, put whether they are a HUB and the HUB description.

11. ALWAYS indicate if there is shipping. Even if there is not shipping for the item, please indicate that on the Requisition. 

page last updated 3/27/2013 8:54 AM