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TWU wants to ensure that all students preparing for our nursing program understand the time constraints involved when trying to juggle a difficult course schedule and an internship. Admission into most nursing programs is highly competitive.

Participation in extracurricular activities, including internships, takes time--time that might otherwise be used to study.

If you have given this matter careful consideration and still wish to pursue an internship prior to being admitted into a nursing program, then feel free to look for opportunities that are of personal interest to you through our new, online database called TWU Connect.

To register through TWU Connect, call or email Kurt Krause, Coordinator for Internships and Experiential Learning at (940) 898-4105 or

Questions about clinicals?

Once you have been admitted into TWU's Nursing Program, you will receive assistance in obtaining your clinical placement. Full time students will enroll in clinical courses during the first semester in the nursing program.

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