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Abercrombie & Fitch
    Leadership Development and Design Interships
    Date posted: 12/09/2014

Encore Enterprises Inc.
    Graphic Design Intern [pdf]
    Date posted: 12/04/2014

TWU Lasso
    Graphic Design Internship [pdf]
    Date posted: 12/02/2014

Fox Sports Southwest
    Multiple Internships available
    Date posted: 12/02/2014

The Borgen Project
    Multiple Internship [pdf]
    Date posted: 11/24/2014

Southwest Airlines
    Graphic Design Internship [pdf]
    Date posted: 11/03/14

Amplifi Commerce (Dallas, TX)
    User Experience Intern [pdf]
    Date posted: 10/20/14

D Magazine (Dallas, TX)
    Editorial/Journalism Internships (unpaid)
    Art/Production Internships (unpaid)
    Marketing/Brand Internships (unpaid)
    Advertising/Sales Internships (unpaid)

Brown Books Publishing Group (Dallas, TX)
    Multiple Internships (Public Relations, Graphic Design, Editorial) (unpaid)
    Date posted: 08/19/14

North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) (Arlington, TX)
    Marketing/Graphic Design Internship
    Date posted: 08/18/14

Square 205 (Denton, TX)
    Graphic Design Internship [pdf]
    Date posted: 07/29/14

FMIY Interactive (Studio City, CA)
    Junior Writers Fall Internship [pdf]
    Graphic Designers Fall Internship [pdf]
    Video Editors Fall Internship [pdf]
    Date posted: 07/14/14

Bauer Rock Media Group
    BRMG Internships [pdf]
    Date posted: 07/08/14

    Fall Fashion Internship (unpaid) [pdf]
    Date posted: 06/20/14

Main Event (Plano, TX)
    Marketing Summer Internship [pdf]
    Date posted: 06/19/14

J. D. Mayo's Full-Court Press Basketball Magazine
    Magazine Summer Internship [pdf]
    Date posted: 06/19/14

Legacy Counseling Center (McKinney, TX)
    Internships Opportunities [pdf] (multiple)
    Application Packet [Word]
    Date posted: 06/12/14

Idea Grove (Dallas, TX)
    Graphic Design Internship
    Date posted: 05/13/14

B by Brandie (Dallas, TX)
    Graphic Design Internship
    Date posted: 05/13/14

Iconic Investors (Denton, TX)
    Construction Project Management Internship [pdf]
    Date Posted: 05/06/14

Pantheon Tile (Carrollton, TX)
    Interior Design/Architecture Summer Internship [pdf]
    Date Posted: 05/02/14

TWU Center for Student Development (Denton campus)
    Graphic Design--Student Assistant--Fall 2014 [pdf]
    Date Posted: 05/01/14

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