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Vanguard Preparatory School (Dallas, TX)
    After School Staff: Special Needs Students [pdf]

Americorps VISTA (Denton, TX and throughout the U.S.)
    What is VISTA? [pdf]
    VISTA Fact Sheet [pdf]
    Post Graduation Opportunities (1 year commitment)
    Date posted: 08/05/14

U.S. Department of Education (Washington, DC)
    Student Volunteer Unpaid Internship Program
    Date posted: 07/22/14

Harris County Department of Education
    Multiple Internships and Job Postings Including Enrichment Intern [pdf]
    Date posted: 06/20/14

Brent Woodall Foundation (Irving, TX)
    Spanish Speaking Internship [pdf]
    Date posted: 05/13/14

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