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Mitsui Bussan Logistics (Dallas, TX) (Parent Company: Mitsui & Co.)
    Accounting Internship [pdf]
    Date posted: 07/10/14

PMB Helin Donovan (Dallas, TX)
    Audit & Tax Accountant Internships [pdf]
    Date posted: 06/19/14

CyrusOne (Carrollton)
    Accounting Tax Internship [pdf]
    Date posted: 06/05/14

Kurtz & Company, P.C. (Dallas, TX)
    Accounting Internship [pdf]
    Date posted: 05/30/14

Texas Tots/Universal Fitness (Dallas, TX)
    Multiple Internships (unpaid):
    Business development (accounting, audit, corporate sponsorships)
    Fall Application Deadline: July 27, 2014

Austin Lane Technologies (Denton, TX)
    Account Representative Internship [pdf]
    Date posted: 04/30/14

    INROADS Internship Program
    Major in Business, Engineering or Technology (Comp Sci, MIS, BIS, etc)
    3.0 Cum GPA
    Graduation date of December 2014 or later
    Come from an underserved population


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