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Physical therapists may be generalists or may specialize in various areas of patient care such as orthopedics, sports medicine, pediatrics, women’s health, and long-term rehabilitation. They direct continuing education programs, teach in universities, or may work as researchers, managers, entrepreneurs and consultants. The job outlook for physical therapists is projected to be excellent over the next decade.

Physical therapists are known for their expertise in treating disorders of movement caused by musculoskeletal or neurodevelopmental problems throughout the lifespan. Promoting health and wellness and treating patients with cardiac disorders are also part of physical therapy practice. Physical Therapists must have excellent observational, problem-solving, and communication skills and the ability to apply these skills when interacting with patients and other health care professionals. Possessing good psychomotor skills and spatial relationship abilities are special strengths for practicing physical therapy.

For more information on Physical Therapy in general and a career in health care as a physical therapist, visit the following web sites:

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