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Entry-Level DPT-Ph.D. Fast Tack Program

Meeting the need for qualified physical therapy faculty

A large number of physical therapy faculty will retire in the next five to ten years.  New faculty members with both clinical skills and academic knowledge will be in demand to prepare future PT professionals.

TWU's DPT/Ph.D. fast track program allows students to begin the Ph.D. program while earning a DPT degree.

Admission Process:

  • Students must apply and be admitted to the entry-level DPT program.
  • Applications for the fast-track program are accepted during the second and fifth semesters of the DPT program.
  • Accepted students are assigned to a research adviser by content area, workload and ability. Advisers stay in place through the qualifying examination.

Program Details:

  • The DPT and Ph.D. degrees are earned in a three-plus-three year format.
  • Entry-level courses are dedicated to projects related to proposal development, IRB approval or the collection of pilot data.
  • The final DPT clinical rotation (internship) may be completed concurrent with an Advanced Practicum (required Ph.D. course) in research, scholarship or teaching.  Other Ph.D.-level courses also are available in the DPT program.
  • The Ph.D. program includes a minimum of 37 credit hours following the DPT degree.
  • Ph.D. degree plans require 90 post-baccalaureate semester credit hours, which includes approved credits transferred from DPT coursework.


For more information, contact:

  • Dr. Mary Thompson
    TWU T. Boone Pickens Institute of Health Sciences-Dallas Center
  • Dr. Katy Mitchell
    TWU Institute of Health Sciences-Houston Center

Students Currently in the Program:

Kelsey Raabe - DPT Class of 2015 (Houston): Kelsey is interested in studying physical therapy interventions for patients with Multiple Sclerosis. also enjoys working with the geriatric population.

Darrin Staloch - DPT Class of 2015 (Houston): Darrin is interested in better understanding the kinetics and kinematics of human movement, and the clinical application of that knowledge

Greg Brusola - DPT Class of 2014 (Houston): Greg's area of research interest includes current and future concepts in the treatment of individuals with neurological disorders and investigating physical therapy interventions that will maximize neural and functional recovery in individuals with pathological conditions of the nervous system.

Charity Maqueda - DPT Class of 2014 (Houston): Charity is interested in teaching and academics, and would like to explore curriculum and program development; areas of research interest include concussion prevention and rehabilitation.

Shannon Lindberg, PT, DPT - DPT Class of 2013 (Houston): Shannon's interest are in the diagnosis and treatment of low back pain in the hypermobile population.

Crystal Murray, PT, DPT - DPT Class of 2013 (Houston): Crystal's interests are in sports rehabilitation and performance

Marissa Lyon, PT, DPT - DPT Class of 2012 (Houston): Marissa's research interests are investigating the affects of dividing attention on balance and gait, specifically among the geriatric population and individuals with neurologic diagnoses. Additionally, investigating and validating appropriate outcome measures of balance and dual-task ability among these populations.

Daniel Wingard, PT, DPT - DPT Class of 2012 (Houston): Daniel's research interest include determining the reliability/validity of outcomes measures used in the neurological out-patient setting, exploring the effectiveness of different levels of treatment intensity/frequency/duration on functional outcomes with survivors of chronic stroke, and kinetic/kinematic analysis of the survivors of stroke turning toward their hemiparetic side.


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Course Rotation (pdf)

School of PT has identified 5 DPT Graduate Outcomes that prepare our students to be good physical therapists.

Essential Functions (pdf) describe the program's expectations of its PT students and provides some contact information.

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Memorial Hermann Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation is the corporate sponsor for the Houston Campus PT Research Conferences for 2011-2013.

TWU DPT students meet the Reach100 Membership Challenge for 2014. This is a nationwide challenge to encourage APTA student membership. Programs that have reached 80-100% membership are honored.