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Phi Kappa Phi 2013-2014 Officers
Back Row (left to right): Ms. Anne Scott, Dr. Lynn Akin, Ms. Heather Davis, Ms. Kelly Fisher, Dr. Terry Senne, Dr. Joel Muro
Front Row (left to right): Mrs. Grace Chalon, Ms. Jenna Easterling, Ms. Wen Chong, Dr. Leslie Koberna, Mrs. Edith Hays

Houston Vice-President, Dr. Wyon Freysteinson


Interim President - Heather Davis, 940-898-3234 (Business Systems Analyst, Office of Technology)

Immediate Past President - Dr. Terry Senne, 940-898-3029 (Director of Academic Assessment, Institutional Improvement)

Past President - Dr. Lynn Akin, 940-898-2615 (Associate Professor, Library Sciences)

Vice President - Dr. Leslie Koberna, 940-898-2889 (Associate Clinical Professor, Dental Hygiene)

Houson Vice President - Wyona Freysteinson, (Assistant Professor, College of Nursing)

Secretary - Grace Chalon, 940-898-3298 (Senior Academic Information Analyst, Institutional Research and Data Management)

Treasurer - Robert Placido, 940-898-3980 (Associate Provost for Technology & CIO)

Scholarships & Awards - Ms. Anne Scott, 940-898-2586 (Director, Alumni Relations)

Public Relations - Dr. Joel Muro, 940-898-2705 (Associate Professor, Family Sciences)

Student Vice President -  Wendy Y. Chong (Senior, Denton, Biology)

Student Vice President - Jenna Easterling (Junior, Denton, Kinesiology)

Student Vice President - Kelly Fisher (Graduate Student, Denton, MBA-Accounting)

The TWU chapter of Phi Kappa Phi is generously provided administrative support by the Office of the Senior Associate Provost.

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