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SUBJECT:                   Payroll Schedule/Deadlines for Changes to Payroll

DATE PASSED:            August, 1998
DATE REVIEWED:       October, 2007
REVIEW NEXT BY:      October, 2012

The purpose of this TWU Personnel Operating Policy is to establish guidelines for submitting changes, additions and termination notices to the Office of Human Resources (OHR) in time to meet payroll deadlines. Meeting the deadlines will ensure that employees are paid on time.

Personnel Transaction Forms (PTF) must be received by OHR prior to scheduled Payroll deadlines. Changes, additions, and terminations must be submitted to OHR on the Personnel Transaction Form (PTF) no later than the scheduled deadlines.  Departments are responsible for completing and submitting PTFs to OHR in accordance with the established payroll schedule.

PTFs received in OHR after the scheduled deadline will be processed on the next applicable payroll. Accounts must have approved funding. The transaction may not be processed if the specified account is inadequately funded to cover the expense. Departments should verify that the funding sources are sufficient to cover the expenditure.

1. New Employees

Offers of staff employment are made by OHR. New employees must go to OHR on the first day of employment to complete a W-4, an I-9, affidavit and any other required employment paper work.  Employees who have not completed all required forms by the payroll deadline will not be included on the payroll.

New benefit eligible staff employees are required to attend new employee orientation to select insurance coverage and complete necessary employment and payroll documents.

All starting salaries for classified employees will be at the base of the pay range designated in the current Classified Pay Plan.

2. Current Employees

All changes (i.e., promotion, demotion, title, account number(s), F.T.E., address, etc.) to an employment status must be submitted to OHR on the PTF prior to the established payroll deadline for the month that the change is to be effective.
PTFs received after the deadlines will be processed on the following applicable payroll. Missing a deadline may delay an employee in receiving appropriate pay.

3. Employee Resignations or Termination

Departments should submit PTFs as soon as they are notified of a resignation. If the department is notified of a resignation after scheduled payroll deadlines the department should submit the PTF as soon as possible to avoid over paying a resigning employee. Eligible employees may be paid for remaining vacation hours in lump sum if they are terminating their employment relationship with the State of Texas.


                    Associate Vice President of Human Resources

                    Vice President of Finance and Administration

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