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The manner in which a Personnel Transaction Form (PTF) is processed varies according to department.

Academic Departments

Depending upon the situation, one of the following forms will be completed and sent through appropriate channels to Academic Financial Services.  All forms should be completed online then printed for obtaining necessary signatures.

  1. Request for New Faculty/Staff Appointment - this form is used for new employees or an employee who was previously terminated.
  2. Request for Change in Faculty/Staff Appointment - this form is used to change current information on an existing employee.
  3. Request to Terminate Faculty/Staff Appointment - this form is used to end ALL appointments for an employee. If only a portion of the appointments are to be ended, the "Request for Change in Faculty/Staff Appointment" form should be used.
  4. Request for Faculty/Staff Lump Sum Payment - this form is to be used to pay a one-time payment to an employee for work done outside the regular appointment.

Template PTFs

Graduate Assistant and Adjunct Faculty PTFs are entered through the template.  Please see the below tutorials for further instruction:

  1. Request for New Adjunct Faculty/GA Template - How to document for entering new adjunct faculty or graduate assistant positions.
  2. Request Reappointment for Adjunct Faculty/GA Template - How to document for entering reappointments for adjunct faculty or graduate assistants
  3. Template Reports - How to instructions for running template reports.

All Other University Departments

An online PTF is completed through the Pioneer Portal.  Please see below PTF presentation for further instruction. 

Students who are not enrolled during the Summer, but who are going to work, must be processed through Human Resources as a temporary employee on a PTF.


Personnel Transaction From Presentation (.ppt) (For Non-Academic University Departments)

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