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Employees are responsible for reporting their hours worked.  In order for the Payroll Office to process payroll accurately and timely, the following procedures must be observed.


Staff employees who work 20 hours or more per week and 12-month faculty must complete a monthly timcard in Phoenix. These timecards are to be finalized on the last business day of each month. It is the supervisor's responsibility to ensure the proper reporting of each employee's time. Timecard tutorials for entering and approving time can be found at the below link:


Hourly employees are paid from the 16th of the month through the 15th of the month. Their hours are entered on the Pioneer Portal, My Tools, and Hourly Timesheet. The hours are approved on the 16th of each month by going to the Pioneer Portal, My Tools, and Hourly Timesheet.  The employee will NOT be paid unless a portal timesheet is completed and approved..

A list of all graduate assistants will be sent to each Chair at the first of the month for the prior month. The Chair will certify that each graduate assistant worked the required hours for the prior month. Any absences will be listed on the printout, if applicable. The list should be returned to the Payroll Office.

Faculty sick leave retrieval forms will be sent to the Chair each month. Dates and hours of sick leave used by any faculty member for the prior month will be listed on this form. The list should be returned to the Payroll Office.

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