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Jennifer Martin, Senior Associate ProvostWelcome to the Office of the Senior Associate Provost website. This office undergirds academics at TWU through the work of a number of offices and personnel whose mission is supporting the work of academic units and faculty. The Office includes the following units:
  • The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
  • The Office of Teaching and Learning with Technology (formerly Distance Education)
  • University Scheduling
  • The Office of Education Abroad

In addition, staff in the Office of the Senior Associate Provost are responsible for a number of university-wide initiatives which span undergraduate and graduate affairs.  Examples include:

  • Academic policy
  • Academic events
  • Commencement (in collaboration with the Office of the Registrar)
  • Curriculum management (e.g., Curriculum Committee facilitation, course inventory)
  • Emeritus College facilitation
  • Faculty handbook (in collaboration with the Faculty Senate)
  • Faculty status (i.e., support of tenure and promotion, post-tenure review, emeritus faculty)
  • Faculty success (awards, development, grants and leaves)
  • HB 2504 reporting
  • International scholars/visitors programs
  • Off-campus and study-abroad courses (through the Office of Teaching and Learning with Technology)
  • Phi Kappa Phi facilitation
  • Post-tenure review
  • Specialized academic reports/responses
  • Textbook reporting

In all of these initiatives, the Office of the Senior Associate Provost is focused on TWU’s educational mission resulting in graduates with “potential, purpose and a pioneering spirit.”  We invite you to contact us for information on any of our areas of responsibility.

Jennifer Martin, Ph.D.
Senior Associate Provost
Professor of Family Sciences