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Formally established in 2006, the Pioneers Oral History Project at Texas Woman's University is dedicated to gathering the oral histories of women, particularly focusing on those who have been associated with the University or who have been "pioneers" in their own lives.  The project is associated with the Department of History & Government's oral history courses and works with students to teach the theoretical and practical skills needed to conduct useful and scholarly oral histories.  While static sources such as newspapers and other documents are valuable, oral histories serve as an important research tool for researchers who learn about the past directly from the people who lived through it.

Ongoing projects include the TWU Former Students Project and the TWU Current Students Project, which showcase interviews with former and current students of Texas Woman's University and Texas State College for Women.  The program also features a collection on Pioneering Women Attorneys, which contains interviews with women who graduated from Texas law schools before the implementation of Title IX, federal legislation passed in 1972 that guarantees equal access in education regardless of gender.  Planned future projects include interviews with TWU faculty and staff to help preserve the history of the University.

Interviews completed in the Pioneers Oral History Project are transcribed and then preserved in both multimedia and more traditional archive formats.  All work within the Pioneers Oral History Project follows the highest standards of the Oral History Association, the national professional organization of oral history practitioners.

Forms & Information 

Pre-Interview Questionnaire [pdf]

Informed Consent Agreement and Gift Form [pdf]

"Oral History Methods" Example syllabus [pdf]

Alumni: We Want to Hear Your Stories!

If you have attended TWU or TSCW, we'd like to collect your contact information for future oral history opportunities!  Please email the Project Director, Kate Landdeck, at for more information.