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The Bachelor of Applied Sciences (BAS) in Culinary Science and Food Service Management is a degree program that has been developed by TWU in collaboration with community colleges to fulfill the growing demand for Executive Chef, Food Service Management, Quality Assurance and Regulator Managers, Food Scientist.

Students in the Culinary Science and Food Service Management program will focus on applying their culinary knowledge to nutrition, food science, and research methods.

Earn a higher salary and graduate in 2 years.


  • Research Chef or Chef Scientist or Chef Manager
  • Foodservice administrator in hospitals or schools
  • Foodservice manager
  • Business owner/entrepreneur

Course Sequence

Take your first 2 years at a community college to earn your AAS:

Take your last 2 years at TWU to earn the BAS:

First Semester

BIOL 1113/1111 Principles of Biology & Lab (BIOL 1406)
NFS 3081 Scientific Principles in Culinary Science
NFS 2033/2031 Food Microbiology & Lab
GOV 2013 U.S. National Government (GOVT 2305) 
NFS 4953 Cooperative Education

2nd Semester

NFS 2343 Family & Child
CHEM 1023/1021 Intro to Organic Chemistry & Lab
GOV 2323 Texas Government (GOVT 2306)
NFS 3323/3321 Food Science & Lab

3rd Semester

NFS 4123 Sensory Evaluation of Food
NFS 3173 Culture & Food
BUS 3003 Principles of Management
3 Semester Credit Hours NFS Special Topics: Food Processing & Unit Operation
1 Semester Credit HoursElective (upper level)
1 Semester Credit Hours Elective (upper level)

4th Semester

NFS 4744 Principles of Foodservices Systems
NFS 4032/4031 Culinary Nutrition & Lab
1 Semester Credit Hours Elective (upper level)
3 Semester Credit Hours Elective (upper level)


  • You must have graduated with an AAS in Culinary Science
  • You must meet with your advisor before registering
  • Apply to TWU

Contact Information

Sherry Vanatta

Angela Griffin

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