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BS in Nutrition (Wellness)

The Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences has developed a degree program in wellness that addresses the unmet needs in the health care field for individuals interested in serving as health educators with expertise that incorporates knowledge and skills within nutrition, physical activity, and health promotion.

This degree will provide opportunities to:

  • work in the area of program development with the intent of promoting good health through preventive nutrition, regular physical activity, and other modifications.
  • further complete a limited number of additional courses, which will qualify them to take a certification examination (Certified Health Education Specialist).

A BS in Nutrition (Wellness) degree from Texas Woman's University will provide students with the knowledge and experience required to obtain a successful career in the area of health promotion.

Academic Areas
The degree will include a didactic program in the areas of basic and applied nutrition, food science, kinesiology, and health studies that will be built on a solid foundation of life sciences.

  • Nutrition: Advanced courses in basic (advanced nutrition, nutrition through life cycle, and trends and controversies in nutrition) and applied nutrition (community nutrition, culture and food, and sports nutrition) will prepare students with broad background knowledge of nutrition from infancy to old age.
  • Kinesiology: Twelve hours of courses in kinesiology will prepare students for aspects of physical education most relevant to wellness and health.
  • Health Studies: This portion of the curriculum will prepare students with knowledge of health assessment, evaluation, and program development.

Transfer from Community Colleges
Transfer agreements between the Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences and community colleges allow students to easily transfer from a two-year program to TWU.

Career Outlook
Graduates with a BS degree in Nutrition (Wellness) from the Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences can choose from a number of rewarding careers in many fields, depending on their educational preparation and interests.  Opportunities can be pursued in:

  • Public health education
  • Community nutrition
  • Consultation and private practice
  • Health and wellness programs
  • Health maintenance organizations
  • Health promotion program coordination
  • Patient/clinical advocate

BS in Nutrition (Wellness) program suggested course sequence

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