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About the Program

A music minor is available to TWU undergraduate students with a strong interest in music but who are majoring in another field. It consists of 18 semester hours, including a minimum of 6 credits at the upper level (3000 and 4000 level).  At least half of the upper level music courses must be taken at TWU (residency requirement.)

Music Minor Courses

A music minor requires 18 semester hours, including the following courses:

  • MU 2713 Understanding the Arts-Music 
  • MU 3323 Music History II OR MU 3703 Women in Music OR MU 3713 Music and World Cultures 
  • MU 1521 Aural Skills I 
  • MU 1531 Aural Skills II
  • MU 1523 Music Theory I
  • MU 1533 Music Theory II  
  • 4 hours of ensembles (3000 level) and/or applied music

Music Minor Advisor

Dr. Richard Shuster, (940) 898-2517,

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