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Department Chair

Dr. Pamela Youngblood, Chair of the Department of Music & Drama

Music Education

Dr. Vicki Baker, Coordinator of Music Education/
     Choral Music Education
Dr. Russell Pettitt, Instrumental Music Education
Dr. Danielle Woolery, Music Pedagogy

Music Theory, Composition, History

Dr. Elizabeth Kelly, Theory/Composition
Dr. Paul Thomas, Music Theory
Dr. Danielle Woolery, Music History
Dr. James Worlton, Music Theory
Ms. Kelley Poché-Rodriguez, Music Appreciation
Ms. Megan Pettitt, Music and Wellness


Dr. Richard Shuster, Coordinator of Piano Studies
Ms. Tabitha Boxerman, Piano
Ms. Deborah Campanaro, Piano
Dr. Alex McDonald, Piano


Dr. S. Andrew Lloyd, Organ


Dr. Nicki Cohen, Coordinator of Vocal Studies
Dr. Joni Jensen, Director of Choirs
Ms. Suzanne Bowles, Voice
Ms. Laurie Lee Cosby, Voice
Ms. Beverly Hoch, Voice
Mr. Kwan-Kyun Joo, Voice
Ms. Rhonda Rom, Voice
Ms. Jennifer Youngs,Voice


Dr. Ania Bard-Schwarz, Violin
Dr. Amber Sander, Viola
Dr. Gudrun Raschen, Double Bass/Cello
Mr. Carlo Pezzimenti, Guitar
Dr. Jaymee Haefner, Harp


Mr. Gabriel Bita
Mr. Sung-Yun Kim
Mr. Owen Griffin
Ms. Marla Nelson


Ms. Lanelle Blanton
Dr. Thomas Brown
Dr. James Chenevert
Dr. John Flohr
Ms. Joan Wall

Music Therapy

Dr. Nancy Hadsell, Coordinator of Music Therapy
Dr. Nicki Cohen, Music Therapy
Dr. Michael Zanders, Music Therapy
Ms. Debra Dacus, Music Therapy 
Ms. Amanda Sehr, Music Therapy


Dr. Joni Jensen, Director of Choral Activites
Dr. Russell Pettitt, Director of Bands
Ms. Jennifer Youngs, Opera
Mr. Stephen Clink, Chamber Orchestra
Dr. Pamela Youngblood, Flute Choir
Mr. Matt Sawyer, Jazz Ensemble


Dr. Etienne Stoupy, Trumpet
Dr. Angela Winter, Horn
Dr. Jeriad Wood, Trombone
Dr. Russell Pettitt, Euphonium/Tuba
Mr. Nicholas Guiliano, Percussion


Dr. Pamela Youngblood, Flute
Ms. Amy Coelho, Flute
Dr. James Hobbs, Oboe
Dr. Danielle Woolery, Clarinet
Ms. Anna May Ghaly, Bassoon
Mr. Roy Allen, Jr., Saxophone

Graduate Assistants

Caley Bowen
Brandi Estwick
Michael Garman
Kirsten Guerra
Chad Harmon
Alicia Jones
Miranda Rex
Natalie Rose
Matt Sawyer
Camille Spooner
Bryant Williams






Lori Richman, Administrative Assistant
Amy Lindsay, Student Assistant
Jerry Dawson, Manager of Performance Facilities

Faculty Use Only


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