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Music Education

Music Education Home Page


BA Teacher Certification

  • Choral Track
  • Band Track
  • Strings Track


  • MA Music Education
  • MA Music Education (with Certification)

Music Therapy

Music Therapy Home Page


  • BS Music Therapy
  • Music Therapy Equivalency (2nd BA)


  • MA Music Therapy
  • Dual Degree: MA Music Therapy & MS Counseling and Development

Music Performance

Music Performance Home Page


  • BA Instrumental Performance
  • BA Piano Performance
  • BA Vocal Performance


  • MA Instrumental Performance
  • MA Piano Performance
  • MA Vocal Performance

Music Pedagogy

Music Pedagogy Home Page


  • MA Instrumental Pedagogy
  • MA Vocal Pedagogy

Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts - Music Home Page


  • BA Music, Liberal Arts Track

Music Minor

Music Minor Home Page

Music Theatre Certificate Program

Music major students also have the opportunity to add a Music Theatre Certificate to their degree plan. While this is not a degree in musical theatre, students will participate in performance, directing and history courses that prepare them to work in musical theatre, in both professional and educational settings. To learn more about the Music Theatre Certificate Program, please view the informational flyer below:

Music Theatre Certificate Program


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