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Academic programs lead to the Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics or the Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics, computer science, health informatics, and informatics. The department offers specialized degree plans for students wishing to pursue mathematics careers in math education, computational math, statistics, or engineering or computer science careers in information technology or programming/software engineering. Certification to teach in public schools in Texas is available in mathematics for 4 through 8, and 7 through 12 grade levels, and in computer science for the secondary level.

The B.S. in Informatics and B.S. in Health Informatics are new degree programs available beginning in Fall 2015.

The M.S. in Informatics is a new degree program available beginning in Fall 2016.

In collaboration with the University of North Texas (UNT), TWU provides a dual degree option enabling students to attend the two universities simultaneously and graduate with a B.S. in mathematics degree from TWU and a B.S. in engineering degree (electrical, mechanical and energy, biomedical, or material science) from UNT. Scholarships are available for qualified applicants. Hear from our graduates about this program.

Graduate level studies are offered leading to the Master of Science in Informatics, Master of Science in Mathematics Teaching and Master of Science degrees in Mathematics. Students interested in computer science, applied statistics, or statistical programming may design a degree plan leading to the M.S. in Mathematics that prepares them for careers or further study in these exciting and lucrative fields. A Master Mathematics Teaching Certificate for grades 4-8 and 7-12 is also available.

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