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Professional Portfolios

The professional portfolio must be submitted, presented, and approved during your last semester in the program. Although the portfolio is not due until your last semester, you will begin collecting and organizing information for it as soon as you enter the MAT program. All new MAT students will maintain and complete their portfolio through a Portfolio Wiki in Blackboard.

In each class you take in the MAT program you will complete one or two items for your portfolio. These items will be assignments and/or projects you have completed for that class.

Portfolio items may include papers written, instructional activities or materials developed, lesson or behavior plans, lab projects, teaching videos, or virtually anything that illustrates and documents your knowledge and skill in teaching and in your content area. The document Portfolio Requirements will give you more information regarding appropriate items for your portfolio. All portfolio items should be saved in an electronic format, word processing, PDF, PowerPoint, website, media (audio/video) file, etc.

You should visit with your academic advisor the first semester you are in the program regarding the format and process of your portfolio to see if he or she has any specific requirements. Each semester you should add appropriate items to your portfolio. At the beginning of your final semester check with your advisor regarding due dates for your portfolio. The final deadline for submission of portfolios is generally approximately one week prior to the Certification of Final Examination, but your advisor may want you to submit your portfolio earlier.

Some departments have a formal portfolio presentation and some do not, so check with your advisor regarding that, as well. All MAT students advised through the College of Professional Education will formally present their portfolios at a time and place announced each semester. Please make sure your advisor has seen and approved your portfolio before the formal presentation.

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