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The M.A.T. is currently designed as a minimum 32 semester hour program that includes the following components:

Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (Classes are predominately online. In some hybrid courses, 1-3 campus meetings may be required)
EDUC 5113 ……… Foundations for Teaching and Learning
EDUC 5123 ……… Learning Theory, Development and Research
EDUC 5131 ……… Integrating Technology in Assessment and Instruction
EDUC 5133 ……… Assessment and Instructional Design and Delivery for Diverse Learners
EDUC 5143 ……… Effective Design and Management of the Classroom Environment
EDUC 5173 ……… Diversity in the Classroom (EC-6/4-8)
READ 5423 .............Literacy to Practice (EC-6/4-8)
READ 5543 .............Literacy in Content Areas (Secondary focus only)

Academic Specialization (9 hours minimum; some coursework may be available online)
This is coursework in the chosen teaching field (i.e. 6-12 Physical Science, 7-12 History, etc.). Students will take the Texas Exam of Educator Standards (TExES) in their content teaching field before or during their first semester in the program. This exam must be taken before a degree plan can be prepared. The results of this test, along with the student’s previous coursework, will be used by the student’s academic advisor to determine the appropriate number of hours and specific courses needed for the academic specialization. This number may be more than the 9 hour minimum. Students may also be required to complete undergraduate courses that are not available at the graduate level in order to fulfill prerequisites.

Field-Based Experience (6-12 hours)
A full-time, one-semester (6 credit hours) unpaid professional practicum in a school setting. (All coursework must be completed before beginning student teaching.)
A full-time, two-semester internship (6 credit hours/semester) in a school setting in which the student is employed and paid as the teacher of record. (This option requires that 12 hours of pedagogy courses must be completed.)
For more information regarding guidelines and requirements of this program component see Student Teaching and Internships.

Professional Portfolio and Final Assessment (1 hour)
Each student will maintain a professional portfolio throughout her/his program. The completed portfolio must be submitted for evaluation prior to graduation. For more information see Professional Portfolios.

Read: Important Points to Remember

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Academic / Administrative Complaints & Appeals

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M.A.T. Student Handbook

M.A.T. Advisors Handbook

MAT Graduate Profile 


Spring 2015 Master of Arts in Teaching Professional Porfolio- Jill Wood




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