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Borrowing Materials (Courtesy Cards)

Courtesy cards are available to ...

  • UNT Students, Staff, Faculty
  • TA&M Commerce Students, Staff, Faculty
  • TexShare Patrons
  • TWU Alumni Association Members
  • Denton County Residents
  • Dallas County Residents

Responsibilities & Privileges

Register for a Courtesy Card

  • Courtesy patrons can either come to The Library or register using the Courtesy Card Request Form.
  • TexShare and other university patrons must bring evidence of qualifying for a courtesy card (Institution ID, Membership card, TexShare Card).
  • Local residents must present their Driver’s License and proof of residency (utility bill, credit card statement) before receiving a courtesy card.

Guest Computer Stations at Blagg-Huey Library

  • There are guest computer stations available in the library. Please ask to use a guest station at the Information Desk. The librarian or student assistant on duty will log you in to the computer.
  • You may access TWU Library databases and the internet from a guest computer station.
  • We are unable to provide off campus access to our databases, electronic journals, and other subscription-based electronic resources to visitors, due to licensing restrictions.

Hours, Directions, & Maps

Denton Visitor Parking

Visitor parking is located in the front of the TWU Library.  Please stop at the information booth in front of the parking lot in order to get a visitor permit on the Denton Campus.

Campus DPS

  • Denton Campus DPS: 940-898-2911
  • Dallas Center DPS:  214-689-6666
  • Houston Center DPS: 713-794-2222

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