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1. What is TWUniversal Search?

TWUniversal Search is a one-stop solution for finding articles and other database content, books, digital collections, journals, web pages, streaming video, course reserves, and more.  More information on TWUniversal Search.

2. How do I sign in to TWUniversal?

You can sign in to TWUniversal by clicking on the "Sign In" link in the top-right hand corner of the TWUniversal Search screen.  Sign in with your Pioneer portal username and password.

3. Why should I sign in to TWUniversal?

When you sign in to TWUniversal, you are able to set preferences for your current and future sessions, renew materials, and save your search queries. 

 4. Does TWUniversal Search locate articles in all library databases?

Most library resources are searchable in TWUniversal Search. If you are unable to locate an article in TWUniversal Search, please use the Databases A-Z list and the Subject Guides. If you are still unable to connect to full text, you may request items from Interlibrary Loan.

5. What does it mean to search "Everything” in TWUniversal Search?

Searching “Everything” in TWUniversal Search means you are searching database articles, print materials, media, course reserves, and the Woman’s Digital Collections & Archives at the same time. If you only want to search for articles, for example, select the Articles scope from the drop-down menu.

 6. When searching TWUniversal I see a “Recommendations” tab for some of my results. What is this?

 bX is an article recommendation service. The Recommendations tab displays additional items which are based on searches that were performed by users that have also viewed this item.

 7. I have a RefWorks account. Can I export results from TWUniversal Search to RefWorks?

Yes, you can export one result at a time by clicking on the Details tab for any result and clicking on the “Send To” option in the top, right-hand corner. To export multiple results, add items to your folder by clicking the yellow star next to each title in your results list. When you are finished adding references to your folder, click on “Sign In” in the top right-hand corner, select all of your references and export them to RefWorks.

 8. I am only interested in items that are available in full-text online. How do I limit my results?

Once you execute your search, click “Full Text Online” under “Show Only” on the left-hand side of the screen.

 9. Who should I contact if I have questions about TWUniversal Search?

If you have questions, please contact a librarian via phone, text, or email.

page last updated 7/18/2017 10:27 AM