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1. Refworks is a web-based citation management program purchased by TWU for faculty, staff, and student use.

2. Most databases, such as CSA, Ebscohost, and JSTOR, have an export to RefWorks feature that will allow you to export citations directly from the database into RefWorks.

3. The last group of references you import into RefWorks are always automatically placed:

4. When importing citations from a text file (for such databases as PubMed that do not have a direct export feature), you must save your text file with what type of extension:

5. If there is no option to export or import references from a database you can add them manually to RefWorks.

6. When you search an online catalog or database from within RefWorks:

7. In RefWorks, you can create up to 10 folders.

8. To locate references in your RefWorks database so you can organize them and use them in your bibliography, simply type a search word (or words) in the Search RefWorks box.

9. RefWorks can help you:

10. Before you submit your RefWorks bibliography, double check the information to make sure everything has been included and the information is correct.

11. Write-N-Cite is a RefWorks tool that allows you to:

12. When citing my resources it is important to:

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