Doing Research: Finding Books and Journal Articles Quiz

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1. What is the best place to find records for journal articles, newspapers, books, journals, and audiovisual materials available through the TWU libraries?

2. Go to the library's universal search page (TWUniversal) for questions 2-3.
Search for food pyramid. On the left-hand side of the screen, click on "Books" under Resource Type. You may need to click "More Options" to select the book resource type. Locate the book "Food politics: how the food industry influences nutrition and health" by Marion Nestle. What is the call number for this book?

3. Click your browser back arrow and select "Articles" under Resource Type, or click the Search button at the top again, and select ''Articles'' under Resource Type. Choose an article and click on the details tab.
Click on the "actions" menu on the right-hand side. What option is not available in this menu?

4. A class you are taking requires that you read three journal articles related to a topic of your choosing.
Which of the following would be the correct resource to find and select journal articles?

5. Which of the following is a resource that will help you identify key databases for your topic?

6. Choose the Nursing Subject Guide from the Subject Guides page to determine which of the sources listed below would be the best database to use to find a journal article about nursing ethics.

7. AND, OR & NOT are terms that can help you limit or broaden your results when you are searching for journal articles on a specific topic. Read the following assignment and select the search statement that will retrieve the most relevant information.
Discuss mandatory prison sentences as a deterrent to driving under the influence of alcohol.

8. When selecting sources for your research, what are the key things to consider?

9. Go the the Databases A-Z list. Click on Academic Search Complete and answer questions 9-10.
Using Academic Search Complete, find the journal article titled: Reflections on the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of Roe v. Wade. By: Weddington, Sarah. 1999, Vol. 62 Issue 3, p811, 22p;
In what journal or source was this article published?

10. Which of the following is a subject term or phrase given in the record listed above?

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