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State Organization Records

Constitution and By-Laws
Copies of pamphlets, 1985, earlier revised by-laws, undated, and proposed changes.

Correspondents include: Betty Hunter(Pres.); M.A. Tywne to Martha Renfro (1974); Mrs. N.W. Stokes (Pres.) to club members, no date; Ruthe Winegarten (historian); Mrs. J. O. Conner (photocopies).

Executive Board Meetings
1976 Waco

State Convention Records-Annual Meeting Programs
42nd Annual Meeting July 5-8, 1948 (photocopy) Mt. Pleasant, Texas

44th Annual Meeting July 3-6, 1950 (photocopy) Port Arthur, Texas (Source: Dorothy Lofton)

[48th] Annual Convention July 6-9, 1953 Amarillo, Texas (Source: D. Lofton)

66th Annual Convention July 5-7, 1971 Houston, Texas

73rd Annual Convention July 10-12, 1978 Mineral Wells, Texas

77th Annual Convention July 6-8, 1982 (photocopy only) Waco, Texas (Source: M. Renfro)

78th Annual Convention July 8-10, 1983 Port Arthur, Texas (Hunter; Lofton)

80th Annual Convention July 5-7, 1985 Fort Worth, Texas (Source: B.Hunter)

[85th] Annual Convention July 6-9, 1990 Orange, Texas (Source: D. Lofton)

87th Annual Convention July 10-12, 1992 Austin, Texas

92nd Annual Convention July 10-12, 1997 Waco, Texas

94th Annual Convention June 10-13th, 1999 Dallas, Texas

95th Annual Convention June 8-11, 2000 Wichita Falls, Texas

96th Annual Convention July 12-15, 2001 Midland, Texas

Minutes of the Annual Convention
57th Annual Convention Minutes, July 9-12, 1962, Port Arthur, Texas

[60th] [Convention Minutes?], July 14, 1965  Amarillo, Texas

66th Annual Convention Minutes, July 5-7, 1971 Houston, Texas

68th Annual Convention Minutes, July 9-11, 1973 Dallas, Texas (Source: M. Renfro)

69th Annual Convention Minutes, July 8-10, 1974 Abilene, Texas (Source: M. Renfro)

[70th] Annual Convention Minutes, July 7-9, 1975 Marlin, Texas (Also includes President's Message, Committee Reports, etc.)

72nd Annual Convention Minutes, July 11-13, 1977 Austin, Texas

75th Annual Convention Minutes, July 8, 1980 Nacogdoches, Texas (Source: M. Renfro)

77 Annual Convention Minutes, July 7, 1982 Waco, Texas

76th Annual Convention Minutes, July 6-8, 1981  Midland, Texas (Source: D. Lofton)

78th Annual Convention Minutes, July 8-10, 1983 Port Arthur, Texas (Source: D. Lofton)

80th Annual Convention Minutes, July 5-7, 1985 Fort Worth, Texas (Source: D. Lofton)

[91st]State Convention 1996, Minutes, July 11-14,1996 Tyler, Texas

94th State Convention, June 10-13, 1999 Dallas, Texas

Call to Convention
90th Annual Convention

92nd Annual Convention

95th Annual Convention

Annual Awards Banquet-Programs

President's Luncheon: Programs

Camp McMullen and the Trustees Board
Correspondence, notices of meetings, brochures, financial reports, and other records pertaining to Camp McMullen. The bulk of the records are from the files of Martha Renfro, Waco, Texas.

Convention Reports

President's Report Verdia C. Gratts, 1970

State Membership (Second Vice-President)

Treasurer's Report:
Iverlee Harris 1981-1982

Doris M. Perkins 1993-1994

Jewellene Elder 2000-2001, 2003

List of expenses, undated, unsigned

Financial Secretary's Report
Leola R. Jackson 1981-1982

Bettye Rambo 1999-2000

Report of Income and Disbursements for Souvenir Program 1982 (Martha Renfro)

Audit Report
Ellen Grant 1981-1982 (Source: M. Renfro)

Ruby Holliman 2000-2001

Hall of Fame
Nominees and Biographies

Archives-Texas Woman's University

TAWC-Printed Materials

Membership Directories: 1994; club directory, not date.

Newsletters: News, 1969, November 1969, 1970, 1971 by President Verdia Gratts

Memos from Presidents: Mildred B. Davis, 1977; Callie Pink, 1981; Betty Hunter, 1997

District Records

Carrie Adams District

Constitution and By-Laws


Programs for District Meetings
35th Annual Meeting April 1, 1967

36th Annual Session March 30, 1968 Waco

38th Annual Session March 21, 1970 Hillsboro

43rd Annual Session April 5, 1975 Corsicana

45th Annual Session March 26, 1977 Marlin

46th Annual session April 1, 1978 Mart

47th Annual Session March 29, 1979 Waco

48th Annual Session March 29, 1980 Calvert

50th Annual Session March 27, 1982 Marlin

51st Annual Session March 27, 1982 Marlin

Miscellaneous records

Mary Alphin District
Executive Board Minutes

Club Songs, with letter from Doris M. Perkins

Urrissa Christrian District
Programs for District Meetings

30th Annual Session April 14-15, 1967 Greenville

61st Annual Session April 12, 1997 Terrell (Source: B. Hunter)

Isabel Smith District
President's Annual report, 1999-2000 Dr. Jimi Reed Burns, Pres.

2001 Dr. Jimi Reed Burns, Pres, Hall of Fame Inductees, April 17, 1999

Mary Church Terrell District
President's Annual Report, July 8, 1970 Mrs. Eula B. Moultrie, Pres.

Olivia Washington District
Executive Board of Director, Planning Meeting, 1994-1995

Annual Meeting Programs
March 11, 1995 Houston

March 11, 1989 Houston (photocopy)

56th Annual Meeting Galveston (photocopy, incomplete)

57th Annual Meeting Houston

President's Annual Reports
1990 Velma B. Mosley, Pres.

1999-2000 Georgia L. Nolan, Pres.

2000-2001 Georgia L. Nolan, Pres.

Stokes-Parker District
Stokes-Parker District History [PDF]

Annual Conventions
18th April 26-28, 1968

21st April 30-May 2, 1971, with Devotional Service

22nd April 28-30, 1972

31st April 24-26, 1981

32nd May 7-9, 1982

33rd April 29-30, 1983

34th April 13-15, 1984

35th April 19-21, 1985

36th April 11-13, 1986

President's Annual Report
2001 Jo Ann Davenport, Pres.

Debutantes Programs
1970, 1971, 1972, 1973

1982-1985, 1987-1988

Olivia Williams District

Annual Meeting, April 9, 1988 Mrs. E. N. Evans, Pres. (photocopy)


Program and Agenda, November 8, 1997

City Federation Records

Fort Worth City Federation Minutes, 1934-1942
Beautiful, handwritten entries in a bound ledger book, recording the meetings of the Fort Worth City Federation

Mrs. E.E. Moore, Secretary.

Source: Mrs. Rosa Lee Denson, Fort Worth)

One of the earliest records of the TAWC Archive

Houston City Federation
Ladies Progressive Club in existence in 1904

Club Directory, 1974-1976

Midland Federation of Black Women's Clubs Debutantes







Orange Federation of Women's Clubs
(Orange Council of Federated Clubs?)

Annual Program
(photocopy) May be state convention 1955

American Beauties
23rd Annual Miss Black Orange Beauty Pageant, 1990

Texas Towns
Town Files

Club Mentions

All taken from the national notes

City/Town History Files










Dr. Ruby Morris

Velma Mosley

Mrs. N.W. Stokes

Ms. Evans

Rosa Denson (Ft. Worth)

National Association of Colored Women's Clubs

Miscellaneous records
Including National Notes (magazine) programs, NACWC Times National Notes

1982 (Oct., Nov., Dec.)

1983 (Sept., Oct., Nov.)


1992 (Summer/Fall) & 1993 (Winter/Spring/Summer)

NACWC Times Fall 1982

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