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Seal of the University

TWU Seal The official seal of the Texas Woman's University is used on all formal documents, such as the degrees awarded by the institution, and is usually displayed at the lectern or in other prominent manner at formal events. The design of the seal incorporates the star, which represents, the State of Texas, and the University motto, "Scientia Lumen Vitae," which means "Knowledge Illumines Life."

Mace of the University

TWU Mace Designed and handmade by Alfred E. Green, Associate Professor of Art, the mace is a symbol of the spirit and nature of the University. If finds its origins in the pageantry of the thirteenth century. Approximately 33 inches long, the mace consists of a staff of rare vermillion wood topped with a silver sphere banded by ivory. The silver sphere is repeated at the base; a gold seal of the University is imbedded in the shaft. The University mace was displayed for the first time on April 15, 1977, at the Inaugural Convocation of Dr. Mary Evelyn Blagg Huey, seventh president of the University. The mace is carried at the head of the processional for all formal University functions.

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