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Roof Repair to begin Nov. 28


Crews will be at the library on Monday (11/28) to begin installing fencing. The entire building will be fenced off except for the front entrance. The roof replacement is scheduled to be completed by Summer 2017. Regular updates on the project will be available on the library webpage. There will be some noise due to the construction. Patrons can check out earplugs from the Circulation Desk. The project is being done in three phases so as the workers proceed, library staff will help redirect our users to a quieter space as needed.

Library roof repair to begin soon; Library will stay open during regular hours

Aerial shot of the Blagg-Huey Library


Repairs to the roof of Blagg-Huey Library will begin soon. Library will be open during regular hours. Scaffolding fences will surround the library building. Facilities Management will do their best to limit the noise as much as possible. The roof construction project is scheduled to be completed before Summer 2017, but is subject to change due to weather and construction delays. We will keep you updated about the progress.

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