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Since it can be very difficult to get a handle on a research topic that is unfamiliar, the best way to begin is by simply exploring and learning about your topic.

The most common sources to consult for background information are encyclopedias and dictionaries. These resources will help you identify keywords and terminology, better understand the overall concepts involved, and provide a broad overview of the topic. Other sources to consider include textbooks, almanacs, handbooks, statistical resources, and bibliographies. Most of these resources can be found in both print and electronic formats.

Visit the library'sReference Collection or search TWUniversal Search, Reference Books/ Reference Universe , or a Research Starter database (Business, Education, Sociology) to find background information resources, which will get you started by offering a general explanation and understanding of your topic.

TWUniversal Search

Reference Universe: (try searching a music topic such as tango)

Research Starters-Education

Subject Guides

You will also want to save time by checking to see if the Library has a Subject LibGuide, which may be applicable to your area of interest.

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