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In his current position, Len Hall runs the day to day operations of the Pacific Region Training Centre (PRTC) including providing integrated training to law enforcement officers within British Columbia and across Canada.  The PRTC is one of the largest training facilities of its kind in Canada, which also delivers training to almost all branches of law enforcement in Canada.  Under his leadership the PRTC has grown from a 30 person training facility to an organizational unit of almost 200 personnel. Len Hall is a strategic level senior management team member with 28 years of Law Enforcement, Police Policy and Administrative experience.  Mr. Hall’s experience includes supervision of policy and legislative initiatives, high profile and strategic management positions as well as senior management experience responsible for the training of 7000 employees along with a staff of 180 personnel.  He has also performed financial and human resource management in an integrated environment as well as having an effective and efficient delivery of integrated policing services. In his career, he has also been involved with the strategic and planning process and teaching in-service courses and also is an experienced media relations officer.

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