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Course Descriptions

KINS 5453 Sport Finance
A study of the funding principles and financial practices pertinent to the organization and operation of a sport enterprise.

KINS 5433 Sport Promotion and Publicity
Principles of organizing and promoting events and activities associated with the sport industry.  

KINS 5483 Sport Sales, Sponsorship, and Fundraising
The application of ticketing and sponsorship sales strategies to the sport industry.   Examination of sport sponsorship retention strategies and sponsorship evaluation methods in sport.

GOVT 5903 Sport Law
The application of legal issues pertinent to the management of the sport enterprise

KINS 5473 Sport Media & Stakeholder Relations
The application of communication and sport information practices to the sport enterprise.  Examination of persuasion techniques and strategies for the sport enterprise with a special focus on key stakeholders.

KINS 5413 Sport Industry
Study of sport-related industries and organizations.  Examination of dimensions of structure, design processes, theories, and behaviors as each relates to the sport domain.

KINS 5143 Group Dynamics
An analysis of sport enterprises with special emphasis given to the sport manager’s roles and functions.  In-depth analysis of planning, organizing, leading, controlling, and ethics as they apply to the sport manager.

KINS 5723 Role of Sport in Society
An analysis of the socio-cultural issues present in the sport domain.

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