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Bettye MyersFor several years the Department of Kinesiology has had an account called Friends of Kinesiology for special needs that appear now and then, and regularly, that need a few or several dollars.  Our account began when our former doctoral students were asked to help us build an account that would permit the Department to begin giving the TWU Hood to the doctoral candidate if she or he attended graduation.  Additionally, doctoral students could borrow some money (interest free) for emergencies.  From that focused beginning, the next project was to finance the statue of a dancer honoring Dean Anne Schley Duggan during Homecoming a few years ago.

Since that time alumni and faculty have continued to contribute to the Friends of Kinesiology account which has allowed several other projects, events, and needs to be met.  To name a few:  The Great Jack-O-Lantern Contest and lunch at Halloween, TWU Kinesiology Receptions at TAHPERD (and other conferences), Graduation Receptions, Spring Awards Banquet, free lunch for special TA Workshops, TWU memorabilia for special guests of the department and flowers for those special occasions of remembrance or celebration.  I promise you, Dr. Barney Sanborn, Chair of the Department is a good steward of the account.

SO – if you have some dollars to spare (or you need a 501-3c tax write-off) we would surely welcome a few hundred envelops with lots of checks made out to TWU Friends of Kinesiology enclosed and mailed to Robbie Reid, Department of Kinesiology, Box 425647, Denton, TX  76204-5647.  I’ll even write you a “Thank You” note so you will know for sure we got your gift.

Bettye Myers

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